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Leaders are at every level of an organization. By creating leadership & talent development programs to target the important competencies and differentiators in each role of leadership, participants receive relevant and impactful learning with immediate on the job benefits in production, morale and motivation.


A comprehensive overview of our training offerings can be found in our Training Catalog.

Key Competencies & Differentiators 



  • Taking ownership & being proactive

  • Being assertive without being pushy

  • Managing time and projects systematically

  • Committing to the organization


Front-Line Leaders / Supervisors

  • Performance improvement

  • Shifting from technical to interpersonal competence

  • Building teams

  • Systematic approach to problem solving


Leader of Leaders /

Functional Leaders

  • Setting goals & aligning people/work groups

  • Empowering, leading with questions & delegating 

  • Developing a healthy & high performing work climate

  • Drives systematic continuous improvement

Business Leaders /

Senior Managers

  • Creating well informed strategies & flawless execution

  • Innovates to shape marketplace

  • Match and shift culture to strategy

  • Change management

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