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The LEAD Institute works closely with clients to develop the processes for planned and managed change. These consultations may be short-term interventions, such as team building or leadership transitions, or, long-term, complex developmental processes, such as transitions to self-managing work teams and total quality improvement. We can help you determine how to best manage your transitions and deliver the services that allow you to meet your goals.

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Strategy & Execution

Interactive, focused strategy creation, powerful execution tools for measurement, alignment and collaboration. 

Create Powerful Plans

Keeping strategy creation practical, focused and agile.  We begin by collaborating with you and or your team to outline the planning process, a process we can scale to meet the needs of major corporations, 3000 person organizations, new ventures, small businesses and the solo-preneur. 

Align & Empower

Connect people to your strategy with collaboration tools that help you cascade goals, align & communicate expectations to multiple teams and departments.

Execute, Measure, & Report with Ease

Manage execution with ownership and accountability. Use a system to monitor progress and sync daily decisions making with long-term focus.

Teamwork & Alignment

Build your executive team; reconnect and rebuild your work groups after restructuring, acquisitions and mergers; repair "dysfunctional" teams; create a team-based organization.

Workshops, Training & Education

Achieving Results Together - This one day workshop provides both knowledge and skills to ensure managers, team leaders, facilitators and team members function well in teams, make good decisions and bring out the best in other team members.

5 Dysfunctions of a Team - Training & Transformation Process - Five Dysfunctions of a team is a highly interactive one-day workshop designed to strengthen and improve teamwork. Participants complete an online assessment of the team to ensure all topics and activities are relevant. The team activities and learning simulations reinforce customized key issues and provide the team a memorable and positive experience.

Team Based Management Workshop - In this, one-day session participants will prepare for and learn how to respond to the inevitable rough spots of implementation and execution of Team Based Management through exercises and discussions designed to investigate, understand and plan for TBM.

Jump-Start Team Building - A method developed by General Systems Consulting & the LEAD Institute Jump-Start Team Buildings is a process to help good teams become great, to initialize and kick-off new teams and to “fix” teams in disrepair and dysfunction. Jump-Start Team Building combines four critical aspects of team effectiveness interventions to help teams emerge stronger, more capable and with a developed infrastructure to ensure and sustain their effectiveness.

Customized Team Building

Team Building for Executive Teams
Team Building for Project/Program Teams
Post Merger Acquisition Team Building
Off-site Retreats (sales groups, celebrations, conference, etc.)

Culture & Engagement

Create a baseline, assess and continually monitor transformation with assessments and tools. Dynamic, interactive workshops that lead to concrete strategies and actions. We will partner with you to understand and align your culture with your strategy and business environment.

Assessments & Tools

Use our simple and powerful surveys, assessments and tools make measuring, discussing, improving and changing your organization’s culture, climate and employee engagement levels.

Workshops, Training & Education

Our workshops and training help participants interactively explore and define their work culture, assessing the strengths and limitations of how things are done.  We have half and full day workshops as well as a more intensive “culture kaizen / workout” which results in robust organizational culture analysis and holistic transformation planning.

Consulting & Planned Change Programs

Our consulting work helps leaders  and organizations that have realized they are at a tipping point, a point where the “old” ways of doing things will no longer serve them, a point where significant cultural/climate/engagement change must occur.  If your organization must change (preparing for Growth, Transformation, Decline, Reorganization or Merger), then our consulting and planned change can give you the expertise, tools and process to navigate successful transformational change.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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