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Person responsible for projects, processes, systems or programs. Typically no formal direct reports or authority and is successful through influence. Titles may include: Project Manager, Engineer, Specialist or Technician.

Foundation Programs
Assertiveness, Leadership & Influence for Women

This two day session is designed to provide a supportive space for participants to understand, learn and practice skills to be an effective leader in current and future roles based on the unique problems women face in the workplace.

Visit our dedicated website for women's workshops:

Enhancing Influence Without Authority
Audiovisual Conference

This program provides rich personal and interpersonal awareness and communication skills for individual contributors of all types, including leaders without formal authority. Participants learn through assessments, video feedback, coaching, peer feedback and hands-on group learning.

Developmental Offerings
Colleagues Working in Office
Everything DiSC Workplace/MBTI

Duration: Full & Half Day

Leaders and non leaders gain powerful personal insights and improve their personal and interpersonal effectiveness with either or both of these proven tools. Online assessments, group activities, focused presentation and action & learning logs for back on the job application.

Business Meeting
Being A Mentee

Duration: Half day training and year long program

This half day training pairs and prepares "proteges" and mentors as they begin a productive cycle of "guided" self directed learning and development.   Mentors and proteges explore their roles together and establish a strong foundation. Learning topics are defined, a learning plan is developed and a cadence of contact is established in the fast paced half day kick-off training.

Data on a Touch Pad
Applied Project Management

Duration: One or two days

Based on PMI's Project Management Body of Knowledge (5 phases & 10 bodies of knowledge) this is applied, interactive, team-based training. Applied because participants bring their own projects into the workshop and scale the approach to their projects, not the other way around. Interactive because the training is based on a fast paced "learn-do-share" cycles. Team-based because participants work in teams (as they must in the real world) and by doing so, hone their team membership and leadership skills.

Working Together
Problem Solving & Root Cause Elimination

Duration: One or two days

This workshop provides the key tools and processes to support and enable the eradication of chronic problems. Through various root cause analysis and in process tools students will be able to effectively identify root causes as the symptom error appears. The participants will also learn methods to stay connected with the overall strategy so that improvement resources are being used efficiently and contributing towards providing expected business results.

Analysing the Numbers
Intro to LEAN and Continuous Improvement

Duration: One day

This one day session is designed to provide an outline and overview of implementing and practicing LEAN. This session is intended to provide the participants with an understanding of why LEAN brings business results, how it can accomplish the intended objectives, and how to prepare the organization and individuals for a transformation.

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