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Manages a business, business segment, region, business unit or a plant. Responsible for profit and loss, strategy and initiating change. Titles may include: Director, Plant Manager, Vice President, President.

Foundation Programs
The LEAD Program

LEAD provides the tools and experiences leaders need to better understand and harness their personal and organizational potential. LEAD has helped thousands of leaders increase their impact and effectiveness in leading people, leading change and managing systems for results.

Developmental Offerings
DiSC Work of Leaders: 
Alignment. Vision. Execution.

Duration: One or two days

This powerful suite helps participating managers discover how DiSC affects management style including:  creating a motivating environment, directing, delegating, developing others, decision making and problem solving.

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

Duration: Full and half-day

Combines the best of 360' feedback with the simplicity and power of DiSC, plus three strategies for improving leadership effectiveness. The result is a more productive and satisfying 360 experience.

Business Partners at Work
Strategic & Systems Thinking

Duration: Full and half-day

The focus of this session is to build participants' skills and capability in the five key components required for Strategic Thinking, Systems Thinking, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Thinking in Time, and Introspective Thinking. Participants learn by analyzing data, recognizing and accounting for cognitive bias and intuition, prioritizing the most important information and making decisions based on sound judgement.

Strategic Planning: Engagement, Alignment & Execution

Duration: Full and half-day

Effective strategic planning and strategic thinking drives engagement, alignment and accountability to take action. This workshop covers all the steps of the strategic planning process with strategic documents supporting each step of the process and ending with a defined strategy for execution. Participants review and examine the pros and cons of the three most common strategic planning approaches: Customer Intimacy/Partnership Strategy, Product & Service Leadership Strategy and Total Low Cost/Value Strategy.

Creative Meeting
Creativity & Innovation

Duration: One or two days

This workshop engages participants in examining key elements of innovative organizations; overcome many of the myths and misconceptions about creativity; and learn effective strategies to unleash the potential creativity and innovation within themselves and their organizations. Understand the nine dimensions of a "Climate for Innovation," do an assessment of their work unit's climate for innovation and develop action plans to enhance key climate dimensions.

Business Meeting
Being a Mentor

Duration: Half-day kickoff training, multi-month program

This half day training pairs and prepares "mentors" and protégés as they begin a productive cycle of "guided" self directed learning and development.  Mentors and protégés explore their roles together and establish a strong foundation. Learning topics are defined, a learning plan is developed and a cadence of contact is established in this fast paced half day kick-off training.

Mature Businesswoman
Executive Coaching

Duration: One day "quick-coach" and/or six-month engagements

Coaching is a personal and professional learning process that is tailored to results of the senior leader. We use a number of assessment techniques and work with the leader to craft a detailed Leadership Development & Action Plan (LDAP). A coaching engagement usually incorporates the following phases: Intake & Initialization, Assessment, Feedback & Immersion, Monthly Support. The LDAP is developed during the Feedback & Immersion session.

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