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The LEAD Institute's mission is to help our clients make their organizations more productive and better places in which to work through high-quality consulting and training services.

For more than 40 years, The LEAD Institute has been providing consulting and training with a personal and professional service approach to ensure lasting benefits for everyone in the organization or work unit. Our high involvement methods, not quick fixes or off-the-shelf packages, develop effective solutions for situationally unique and complex problems.

Our areas of expertise include planned change, culture transformation, team building, self-managing work teams, customer service enhancement, executive/manager/supervisor leadership development and creating motivation performance systems for quality improvement.

Our capabilities and services focus on leadership, team and organizational development. Our methods are client focused, not canned. We provide individual & team consulting, group training, employee and management workshops. Our training and consulting services result in improved productivity- enhanced quality delivery, customer service and decreased costs. As a result of improvements in these performance areas, morale, job satisfaction and motivation also improve.

We create employee and leadership development workshops as stand-alone programs for human resource development and integrate our workshops into our client's planned change efforts. Our most comprehensive workshops encompass jump starting teams, leadership style development, culture transformation, problem solving and managing change.

Our Team


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Dr. Frank Petrock is a consulting organizational psychologist and the founder of General Systems Consulting Group, Inc. He has provided leadership, team and organizational development training and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies since 1971 in North America, Europe and South East Asia. His steadfast focus is on making organizations more productive and better places in which to work.



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Director, Programs & Finance

Kate is passionate and dedicated to helping leaders and organizations successfully implement and sustain change in the areas of organizational, team and leadership development through training, personal coaching and consulting engagements. As the Director of Programs and Business Development, Kate has gained an intimate knowledge of our customers' needs and has been instrumental in building and sustaining long-term client relationships.


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Consulting Associate

Mark has more than 30 years of teaching and consulting experience. Having trained, consulted, and mentored more than 25,000 leaders, scientists, engineers, managers, trainers, practitioners, and college students from more than 20 countries, he is world-renowned for his Knowledge Based KISS (Keep It Simple Statistically) approach to teaching statistical methods to practitioners.


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Consulting Associate

Mary Ellen brings over 25 years of experience and knowledge in organization, leadership and employee development and training. She serves clients such as government, social service agencies, manufacturing, health care, local universities and colleges. She teaches graduate and undergraduate classes at Eastern and Western Michigan Universities and speaks at conferences and professional organizations throughout the country. She has been instrumental in facilitating change processes to maximize effectiveness in organizations.



Consulting Associate

Leah Reynolds is a consultant with a passion for maximizing young and experienced talent in the workplace to achieve greater bottom-line results. A particular area of focus for Leah is helping leaders realize the benefits of engaging young talent, such as enhanced ability to sell to Gen-Y customers, increased application of technological efficiencies and improved collaborative and inclusive work practices. She is creator of the Emerging Workplace Profile™, an assessment tool that enables organizations to identify and prioritize future-focused talent initiatives.


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Consulting Associate

From an executive-level career that spans over twenty five years, Tom has developed a blended methodology of Lean, Six Sigma, and Change Management, together with solid Program Management discipline and Executive Coaching, resulting in skillful remediation of troubled organizations, as well as successful optimization of growing businesses. For the past fifteen years, Tom has delivered Process Improvement and Business Optimization solutions to a cross-section of industries in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.



Consulting Associate

For three decades, Pat worked in a corporate environment driving change that made a strategic difference in the long-term culture and success of a global organization. Working at an executive level in partnership with company leaders at all levels, Pat gained the experience and honed the skills necessary to establish award-winning, sustainable programs and processes that "moved the needle" on talent management, employee development, recognition and engagement. She relishes the opportunity to work as a consulting partner to make a similar difference for other organizations. 



Consulting Associate

Ulrike is an internationally experienced Human Resources Executive with the ability to transform Human Resources into a strategic business partner as a key success factor for organizational alignment and achieving business objectives. Ulrike has a strategic outlook on company and employee needs and balancing those to mutual benefit. Her strong leadership skills are based on her honesty, integrity and courage to address difficult situations and make decisions where others hesitate. In her past years on executive row she has proven to be a most valuable advisor to the leader of the company and executive management in all Human Resources related matters. 


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Consulting Associate

Christina starts with the understanding that “being present with presence” can be learned. She focuses her talents and experience on presence coaching workshops with senior leaders, managers and key staff to bring forward their most influential self in all types of situations, making every phone call, video conference, meeting, presentation and personal encounter matter. Her personal and group coaching sessions draw upon an extensive 25 years of theater, film making, acting, directing and casting experience which she uses to assess weaknesses and strengths to improve each person’s leadership presence.



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Kelly has a strong passion for helping individuals, teams and organizations realize their potential and achieve results. With over twenty years of global experience in change management, organizational development, leadership development, performance improvement, group psychology and human behavior, Kelly works closely with clients to design and deliver innovative approaches and interventions for lasting and systemic change.


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Senior Consulting Associate

Steven Zeisler is founder and Director of Zeisler Associates, Inc. an international consulting and development firm that helps enterprises innovate. He has advised leading Fortune 500 corporations, private firms, public institutions, city councils and universities throughout the world. Steven has successfully served in consulting capacities, executive coaching roles, has facilitated the transformation of senior teams, and conducted a variety of training and development workshops.


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Consulting Associate

Creator of Managing Your Mind seminars, coaching programs, and products, Geri Markel, Ph.D. is an educational psychologist specializing in learning and performance. Geri served more than 20 years at the University of Michigan in numerous capacities across campus. Co-author of several books applying behavioral research to learning and performance, Geri now works as a performance coach, speaker, and consultant in business, industry, healthcare, and educational institutions.



Consulting Associate

Andrea serves as the Director of Industry Research at the NeuroLeadership Institute. In this role, she collaborates with scientists and consultants as well as HR and business leaders to produce science-based, practical insights about people in organizations. As a previous human capital analyst and organizational researcher, Andrea has a thorough understanding of talent processes in organizations and study various topics including talent and performance management practices, leadership strategy and development, organizational growth mindset, and diversity & inclusion.


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Consulting Associate

Kathleen Riley, ACCP, DEH, WHEE, ADS, is the Founder, Executive Director, and Integrative Holistic Health Practitioner of The Dove House, a healing and wellness center. Riley has been helping clients reach their highest potential for fifteen years, teaching easy and effective self-healing techniques that relieve anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and pain. She is the author of wellness, personal growth, and energy medicine publications, including What You Feel is Real, Everyday Miracles and Healing & Wellness Beyond Recovery. 



Consulting Associate

For more than three decades, Sharon has worked in the corporate world in executive management positions. During this time, she has initiated, developed & delivered numerous highly successfully organizational development programs & processes. Focusing on developing the organizations current and future leaders, Sharon was instrumental in designing, developing and delivering an award winning high-potential program. Her expertise includes assessment, competency development and executive coaching. 



Consulting Associate

Stacy has many years’ experience as a leadership consultant, workin gin a variety of industries. Her communication style is adaptable and spontaneous allowing her to transfer knowledge to employees at all levels through a variety of methods. She has conducted group interventions to identify organizational obstacles and re-invent processes and solutions in partnership with managers and employees to promote an environment of collaboration and teamwork. She has also worked with leaders to interpret employee engagement data and co-facilitate action planning sessions to address and improve employee satisfaction.



Consulting Associate

Jenna is passionate about helping leaders increase their self-awareness and deepen their connections with others so they may have a positive impact in their workplace and community. Her work as a leadership coach has helped her to cultivate her natural ability to see what’s going on beneath the surface. In doing so, Jenna is able see connections between seemingly unrelated things and use that knowledge to help leaders grow and develop. As a result, they experience more joy, recognition, and advancement.

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