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Manages a small group that may or may not be interdependent. Typically no budget responsibility with strong process & performance emphasis. Titles may include: Supervisor, Team Lead, Lead or Cell Leader.

Foundation Programs
Leadership Fundamentals-Leadership, Communication, Motivation, Teamwork & Coaching
Young Businesswoman

This is an entry level leadership program that addresses many of the basic turning points and transitions of emerging leaders.  This program is designed to help new leaders gain clarity and comfort in the role of leader as well as build basic capabilities.

Developmental Offerings
Colleagues Working in Office
Everything DiSC Workplace/MBTI

Duration: Full and half-day

Leaders and non leaders gain powerful personal insights and improve their personal and interpersonal effectiveness with either or both of these proven tools. Online assessments, group activities, focused presentation and action & learning logs for back on the job application.

Discussing the Numbers
Teamwork: Achieving Results Together

Duration: One or two days

Working in teams with high levels of collaboration and interdependence are a fundamental aspect of organizational effectiveness.  Having employees who are capable of being good team members and team leaders is essential.  In addition to having good communication and personal skills, they must have a sound understanding of how teams work.  This workshop provides the knowledge and skills to ensure supervisors and mangers/team leaders function well in teams, make good decisions, get ahead of and address conflict and bring out the best in other team members.

Shaking Hands
Managing Conflict

Duration: Full or half-day

The purpose of this training is to provide supervisors with the knowledge to recognize causes of workplace conflict, the skills to facilitate resolution of conflict and clear steps on how to manage the work relationships once the conflict has been resolved. Through assessments, workshop discussions and case scenarios, this training provides practical steps and techniques everyone can learn.

Team Meeting
Developing Others

Duration: Half-day

Organizations need a talent pool who can take the reins in any situation, to ensure continuity and effectiveness in alignment with the goals and objectives of the organization. In this course, leaders identify the type of performance levels in their team and develop conversation strategies for each level. Next they learn the different types and methods of development, a seven-step process for developing employees, and how career alignment affects career satisfaction. Participants receive tools and worksheets to use during development discussions with employees.

Business Meeting
Effective Performance Feedback

Duration: Full and half-day

This unique program is aimed at helping leaders become more proficient and active in giving performance feedback.  During this program we help your leaders develop new, positive and enduring habits to increase performance, engagement and satisfaction by providing more effective performance feedback.  A memorable feedback experiment, scripting tools, phone/devise app and videos make this an active and beneficial learning experience with real ROI.

Audiovisual Conference
Facilitating Meetings

Duration: Full and half-day

The first part of this workshop is focused on planning and leading meetings that are more productive, a better use of time where people achieve alignment, make sound decisions and build the commitment to execute agreed upon actions.  In the second part, participants learn skills and techniques to actively engage meeting participants as well as dealing with the difficult bad meeting behaviors in a simple and systematic way.

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