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Manages other leaders, supervisors or group leaders. Manages a budget, people, plans at the department level and implements change. Titles may include: Manager, Plant Manager, Vice-President, President.

Foundation Programs
Leadership Skills & Style Development (LSSD)

LSSD is designed to train leaders in a system and progression of skills, practices and tools aimed at increasing employee engagement, development, proficiency and ownership.

Developmental Offerings
Colleagues Working in Office
Everything DiSC Management & 363

Duration: Full and half-day

This powerful suite helps participating managers discover how DiSC affects management style including: creating a motivating environment, directing, delegating, developing others, decision making and problem solving.

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

Duration: Full and half-day

Combines the best of 360' feedback with the simplicity and power of DiSC, plus three strategies for improving leadership effectiveness. The result is a more productive and satisfying 360 experience.

Counsel & Advice
Emotional Intelligence

Duration: Full and half-day

This training provides leaders with a simple yet powerful framework for thinking about emotional intelligence, a quantitative tool to measure their emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) and 66 specific, practical steps they can take to improve their EQ. Online assessment, in session video, group discussions and structured activities provide participants with the knowledge and skills for greater Self Awareness & Self Management as well as Social Awareness & Relationship Management.

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Informative Interview
Hiring and Interviewing for Success

Duration: Half-day

This training focuses on behavior based interviewing as well as the interpersonal skills associated with effective interviewing. We will identify the steps involved and actually conduct a professional interview session. Participants will learn how to use the interview data along with other assessment information collected to make valid employment decisions.

Business Meeting
Effective Performance Management

Duration: Full and half-day

Effective Performance Management skills is a critical driver of employee engagement and managers who are effective at employee performance management produce better business results. Participants will:

  • Focus on performance planning and communication-not just an annual appraisal.

  • Learn to set clear, aligned goals & expectations that improve performance and productivity.

  • Practice six tips on how to communicate with employees regularly and positively.

  • Avoid damage caused by jumping to conclusions regarding employee performance.

  • Utilize effective tools, templates and checklists to manage employee performance on a regular basis.

Go Team
Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Duration: One or two days

Initially based on Patrick Lencioni's best seller The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this training helps managers assess, diagnose, and build strong teams.  (trust. commitment. conflict. accountability. results). The workshop design can accommodate intact teams or groups of leaders, either way the training is applied and focused on their real team issues and dynamics. This training helps leaders understand and navigate the critical dynamics to drive high performance teams:

  • Build Trust, otherwise members pull away and insulate themselves from each other.

  • Have Productive Conflict, otherwise members engage in "had-nodding" & artificial harmony.

  • Build Commitment, otherwise there is ambiguity and important things go undone.

  • Focus on Accountability, otherwise standards erode and finger pointing begins.

  • Achieve Results Together, otherwise team efforts are diffused or at odds.

Analyzing the data
Creating High Performance Work Climates

Duration: Full and half-day

In this interactive, assessment and simulation based workshop participants experience the power that healthy and unhealthy climates have on employee satisfaction and performance. Leaders learn the importance of removing unnecessary hierarchy, closing "power-distance", to value people for more than their "hands" and how simple performance feedback boosts morale. Participants leave with concrete action plans and the motivation to implement.

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