Leadership & Talent Development

Leadership and Talent Development

Individual Contributor

Front Line Leader/Supervisor and Leader of Leaders/Functional Leader

Business Lease/Senior Manager

LEAD Program & Open Enrollment Programs

We have developed powerful learning experiences for each level of the talent development process: PreLeaders & Project Managers, Supervisor & Manager, Leader of Leaders / Manager of Managers. Click here for a full course catalog.

LEAD Program - A Four day program for managers of managers is designed to enhance your personal and leadership style, cultivate transactional management and transformation leadership capabilities and define the positives and negatives of the culture in which your work unit or organization is currently operating, culminating in the creation of detailed on-the-job improvement plans to close gaps and make necessary changes to be more productive and effective individually, as a team and an organization.

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LSSD Program
- A three day program is designed for first and front line leaders providing participants with the tools and personal awareness to improve performance through more effective leadership & increased employee motivation & involvement. Leaders will delve into and create on the job change plans around work unit performance improvement, personal style & interpersonal skills and leading & managing others effectively.

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Enhancing Influence  - A one day dynamic hands on workshop learning experience providing participants the opportunity to enhance their leadership presence, influence skills and techniques to effectively project a sense of confidence and presence, confront reality and deal with difficult situations and people, build rapport and engage others with effective inquiry and gain commitment. Leadership & Influence without Authority is based on the premise you do not have to be a manager with formal authority to be a leader.

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Applied Project Management (APM) - A one day hands on workshop for building a solid foundation of project management knowledge, techniques and tools covering the entire project life cycle – Initiating, Planning, Executing, Maintaining & Controlling and Close-Out. While APM is aligned with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) framework and the Ten Project Management Knowledge areas, this workshop is designed to focus on the practical application of these concepts. Participants get the knowledge and tools needed to get projects started right and completed successfully.

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Enhancing Leadership & Personal Style - An interactive one day program to help you fully understand your personal style, be able to adapt it to meet the demands of the situation and have a more positive impact on others.After assessing your style you learn about yourself and the range of styles available to you through learning simulations, personal analysis, small group discussion, presentations and personal consultation with a workshop leader.

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Executive & Leadership Coaching

The personalized and intensive nature of coaching can make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. When combined with the ongoing monthly coaching & support, gains are sustained and capabilities enhanced with ongoing learning and development.

JumpStart Feedback & Coaching Immersion. A Powerful Assessment and data driven feedback and coaching process that sparks immediate change. Leadership effectiveness data is collected using stakeholder interviews and one or more standardized assessments. Assessments include:

  • Personal & Behavioral Style - DiSC, MyersBriggs, Style, Predictive Index, etc.
  • 360 & Other Rater Assessments - LEAD 360, DiSC 363, DiSC Work of Leaders, Emotional Quotient.

Data and Reports are organized and the leaders goes through an intensive 6-hour immersion of feedback and coaching with an expert coach. The process results in the development of a detailed Action & Development plan.

Ongoing Monthly Coaching & Support. A Powerful Assessment and data driven feedback and coaching process.

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Full Spectrum Leadership Training & Development Solutions

From Individual Contributor to Executive.
PreLeaders & Project Managers   |   Supervisor & Manager   |   Leader of Leaders / Manager of Managers

Personal & Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Personal Style Workshop
  • Influence Without Authority
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • LEAN Principles & Thinking

Leading & Managing Others

  • High Performance Climate
  • Situational Leadership
  • Managing for Performance: Setting Expectation, Accountability, Giving Feedback
  • Facilitating & Leading Meetings

Leading & Managing Change

  • Culture Change Workshop
  • Leading Innovation
  • Strategic Planning & Strategy Execution
  • Internal Change & Consultant Training

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